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we already had your order. Please use one of the following way to pay the payment.  The price is the flowers and gifts prices which you ordered from our website.   we also accept the bank transfer. you can remit the payment to us by the bank. you can note to us when you fill in the order or email to us; 请选择以下方式进行网上支付.
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How to pay:  We accept the following online payment methods:

Paypal  Channel
PayPal Paymethod - Accept Visa,MasterCard,Discover,AE,echeck and paypal account)
OrderNumber: (the original order number is 900316 )
Amount : USD (Just Fill in Integer amount, not decimal. Such as if it is 99.99, please just fill in 99)
when you submit the form it would create a new order number just for go into payment system
online payment B: -Only Accept American Express card, JCB card. VISA, MASTER CARD, By Beijing Online Paymethod (CAPINFO) 

In case of some reasons, the form can't be submitted, please copy the form messages and mail to us at;  , Please keep an eye on us, we'll contact you as soon as possible.  If you need any help, please call us hotline: 86-13621338500 attn: mike.

International Flower delivery:
Flower to Hong Kong; Flower to Taiwan, Macao Flower To Moscow, Russia

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